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29 Jan How to connect a Victron inverter
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Step 1: Battery dialing, as shown in the figure belowStep 2: battery parallel communicationIf you have two or more battery packs in parallel, insert the RJ 45 battery parallelcommunication wire into t..
22 Dec BASEN 51.2V 280AH 14.3kWh 2.0 Upgrade: Side Port Wiring and Intelligent Monitoring Enhanced Inverter Switching Protocol Function
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Welcome to a new era of efficient energy management and smart technology integration with our innovative upgraded 51.2V 280AH 14.3kWh 2.0. Designed to meet the growing demands of residential and comme..
07 Jun Wall-Mounted 51.2V 200ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack for Solar Energy Storage
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Introducing Our State-of-the-Art 51.2V 200Ah Lithium Battery: Unleash Power and EfficiencyWelcome to the world of advanced energy storage! We are thrilled to present our cutting-edge 51.2V 200Ah lithi..
23 May Powering Progress: The Economics of Lithium Battery Production
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The world is shifting towards renewable energy sources and electric vehicles, both of which depend heavily on efficient and reliable energy storage solutions. This transition has put the lithium batte..
23 May Energizing the Future: Innovations in Lithium Battery Technology
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In our quest for more efficient, sustainable, and powerful energy solutions, lithium battery technology has emerged as a front-runner. Its rapid advancement over the last few decades has had significa..
22 May The Safety of Lithium Batteries: Separating Myths from Facts
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As lithium batteries continue to power our lives—from our smartphones to our electric cars—it's important to separate the facts from fiction when it comes to their safety. Misconceptions can often lea..
02 Aug Nuremberg Closes Indoor Pools: How Serious Is The Situation?
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Nuremberg must save energy. That's why the city closes most of its indoor pools in summer. What's next? And what does that mean for employees?children splashing around; parents chatting; Hobby swimmer..
02 Aug Report: German Nuclear Power Plants Could Remain Connected To The Grid For Longer
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Can the German power plants run longer? The current stress test is said to have come to this conclusion. But a ministry denies.The German nuclear power plants can allegedly remain connected to the gri..
02 Aug An Austrian Buyer's Sourcing Journey-Basen,A Reliable Power
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Guenther is a smart home system customization solution provider located in Austria, with more than 8 years of industry customization experience, their business philosophy is:Trust is the cornerstone o..
26 Jul A Friend From Germany
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I met a client named Daniel in 2020. He is a very gentleman German. Let's take a look at the growth history of Daniel and Basen.We met on Facebook. At that time, I just joined BASEN Company, and there..
15 Sep Fuel Prices Are Rising Significantly - Diesel Is Particularly Expensive
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At midnight, the reduction in the energy tax on fuels ended. The end of the tank discount was quickly reflected in the prices.At many petrol stations, prices have risen significantly since the discoun..
15 Sep Youtuber Who Grew Up With Basen
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Cooperate with BASEN battery & battery pack to begin Solar businessThe story between one Spain customer distributor and BASEN.Thanks to the pandemic in 2020, the lifepo4 battery has exploded in the ma..
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