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Frequently Asked Questions


We understand the importance of maintaining the consistency of each cell in the battery pack, so we match and balance all cells to ensure that the internal resistance, voltage and capacity of the cells are fully matched and balanced before shipment. This process is very necessary.
In case you find that the cells are not fully balanced when you receive the goods, you can read: LiFePO4 Cell Balancing for related help.

Our host computer can also reflect the balanced state of the battery pack and battery cell, our factory dynamic differential pressure control at the end of the 150MV or so, static differential pressure control within 10MV, the capacity of full capacity and overcapacity.

The price come with Bus bars and Bolts,One Battery will come with one set bus bar and bolt(e.g.,If buy 4pcs battery,we will send 4pcs cells with 4pcs busbars and 8pcs bolts)If need more please contact us online.

Typical estimated lifetimes for LiFePO4 batteries are 5-15 years or 4000 to 8000 charge cycles. A charge cycle is a cycle of use from full charge to full discharge to full charge.

Yes, Top quality. the QR code is intact, Brand new from original factory.


We support bank remittance, European mainstream payment, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, UnionPay, JCB card and Discover.

You can chat with our sales online or send inquiry email,we will respond you ASAP.



You will receive a tracking number by email when your order ships.

Pack with strong package, each cell into thickness PE foam or bag, then into 5 layers strong carton.


Scratches are a normal factor, because the factory QC has inspected several times. All batteries are put together and inspected by QC in our warehouse, there will be a little wear marks in various inspections; and all square batteries will be made with laser welding studs, check the voltage and internal resistance of each battery to ensure Batteries are fully matched and batched in our warehouse.

First tape all LiFePO4 battery terminals to prevent them from discharging power. Then put them in the nearest battery recycling bin. Or you can go to an electronics hardware store/battery recycler for help.

Earth 911 database and Call2Recycle to find battery recycling drop-off centers near you.