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02 Aug An Austrian Buyer's Sourcing Journey-Basen,A Reliable Power
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Guenther is a smart home system customization solution provider located in Austria, with more than 8 years of industry customization experience, their business philosophy is:Trust is the cornerstone o..
26 Jul A Friend From Germany
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I met a client named Daniel in 2020. He is a very gentleman German. Let's take a look at the growth history of Daniel and Basen.We met on Facebook. At that time, I just joined BASEN Company, and there..
15 Sep Youtuber Who Grew Up With Basen
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Cooperate with BASEN battery & battery pack to begin Solar businessThe story between one Spain customer distributor and BASEN.Thanks to the pandemic in 2020, the lifepo4 battery has exploded in the ma..
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